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Cairo, 4th March 2008 – Palm Hills Developments (PHD), Egypt’s premiere real estate company, has created the BENCHMARK award. The award of a staggering EGP 1 million is part of the company’s commitment to recognize and reward national talent. Palm Hills Developments takes pride in positioning itself as the BENCHMARK in the Egyptian real estate market by delivering the highest levels of quality and services; the award will aim to recognize Egyptian achievements by honoring those who have set benchmarks in the categories of Science, the Arts and Sports.

The Award will be given to three winners; brilliant rising individuals in their fields of specialization will be shortlisted from hundreds in each of the three categories. A distinguished panel of judges which constitutes recognized intellectuals and successful Egyptian personalities will be involved in the process of short listing the winners.

“PHD takes pride in purely Egyptian achievements which raise the benchmark in their respective fields, and these awards are just one way in which we can show appreciation for the talent, hard work and achievement that we know exists within our country,” said Yasseen Mansour, Chairman and CEO of Palm Hills Developments.

In recognition of the achievements that are currently being reached by Egyptians, and the talent of many individuals that still goes unrecognized, The Benchmark Award is an annual event which will offer support for real talent which is yet to be appreciated. Candidates are invited to apply online through the company corporate website while adhering to the award criteria. All applications need to be received by the deadline of 31st May 2008.

All participating candidates must fulfill a strict set of criteria. They must be Egyptian, the projects they submit as proof of their achievements must be related to Egypt and the candidate must also be able to submit letters of recommendation from individuals of high caliber in the relevant field.

The search is now on for those who are setting the benchmark.
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