Palm Hills Developments Partnership With Ahl Masr

Palm Hills Developments is proud to partner with Ahl Masr, a registered NGO (registration 728/2013 under Egyptian Law 14/2012) that functions across the Development Health Sector with a specialization in burn prevention and treatment. Together we are on a mission to create a new standard of burn management in Egypt and to offer burn victims the necessary treatments and facilities with international quality health care and professionalism.
A charity concert was held that raised funds and awareness for the cause sponsored by Palm Hills and Ahl Masr featuring Magda Roumi at the Sound and Light Theater by the Pyramids.

Signing protocol between Palm Hills Developments and Rotary.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our project "Palm Hills Free of Virus C", a Rotary initiative supported by Rotary Palm Hills and Rotary Shams October. The launch builds on the framework protocols signed between Rotary and each of Palm Hills Development Company and with Kasr Al Aini Hospital. This model of successful cooperation between the private corporate sector, public sector service providers, civil society organizations and Rotary is a model we aspire to replicate in many of our projects and which we are confident will underpin the effectiveness of both the national campaign to eradicate Virus C and other endeavors in the sectors of health, education and provision of services to the most needy segments of the population.

Walk for a Cure

In a truly inspiring moment for us, our residents in Palm Hills 6th October showed us all what Palm Hills community is about. Together they organized and created a Breast Cancer Walk which was attended by a majority of our residents who came together for this cause on their own accord. It just goes to show, that we do not build houses, but lay the foundations for harmonious communities that grow and prosper side-by-side.